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LGBT Members in Eastern Region


UNISON has at it’s heart, a commitment to equal opportunities and diversity in general, and in particular to rights for it’s LGBT members. These rights are enshrined in the rulebook. One way UNISON delivers on this commitment is by providing for self-organisation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members at branch, regional and national level.

In line with UNISON’s policies on self-organisation, the aims of the group are to:

  • Improve working conditions for all LGBT members
  • Increase awareness of the particular issues facing LGBT members at work
  • Increase participation and representation of LGBT members in the region
  • Provide a supportive network for LGBT members in the region
  • Liaise with, feed into and support the work of the National LGBT Committee
  • Develop and co-ordinate regional/local LGBT activities in line with UNISON policy
  • Support the development of branch LGBT groups
  • Campaign on issues of importance to LGBT members
  • Represent and involve the diversity of LGBT members in the region

The group has two Co-Convenors, one man and one woman, who are responsible for ensuring that the group functions effectively and that meetings are pleasant and productive. The Co-Convenors act on behalf of the group.

The group also has a committee that meets at least quarterly. The committee is a strategic group which oversees UNISON LGBT work in the Eastern Region, for example UNISON’s involvement at Pride events, working with and supporting other LGBT organisations in the region, advising Branches about LGBT work and organising/campaigning around LGBT issues at a local level. UNISON Eastern Region LGBT members have the opportunity to become involved in the work of the Regional LGBT Committee either by assisting in the work of the committee at a local/county level or becoming an elected, active member of the committee. There are a number of positions on the committee, elections for committee posts are held at the Annual General Meeting of the group in October. Any post can be filled on a job share basis. Further information can be obtained (in strict confidence).

Anyone who self-identifies as LGB or T and is a UNISON member within the Eastern Region can sign up to receive LGBT information from a national and regional level. Your details are treated confidentially and those members who do sign up this way are assured to receive regular communication from the Regional LGBT Committee, learn more about UNISON LGBT work, along with opportunities to get actively involved.

If you want further information about the UNISON Eastern Region LGBT Committee, the work that it does and how you could get involved please contact Mel Carrington, or Theresa Jones,

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